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I have found hope where there was none,
light where there was dark;
love when all was lost,
these are the stories of my soul...

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Morning Mayhem

Mavericks, wander in; during the early hours,
Diverging from purpose, at every opening.

Authorities move in; to block off the vicinity,
Searching for the missing:
Hair brushes.
Gear bags.
Signed forms.
Overdue fees.

Half eaten cereal bowls, abandoned,
Shrugs, the dogs wanted it anyway.

Raise the alarm!
The house engulfed in smoke!
Wild thing one wanted toast!
Wild thing two threw a tea towel over the toaster!
The world is ending!

War ensues over what to view:
MTV Raps!
No! Disney is crap!
I have the remote control!

Hairs sticking up; deranged!
The fumigation process starts;
It smells like a French whore house.
Hair spray, gel, super glue;
Whatever it takes, to get them looking half normal.

Socks appear, out of nowhere,
Shoes on feet,
It is coming together.

The Hulk no longer outraged;
The Banshee contributes her last shrill squeal.

Suddenly, two angels appear;
Another successful morning.


- L.J. Lenehan


Villainous Times

Running through the maze of time;
Observing from an invisible field,
Passing the mimes of crime,
From which all fear is shielded.
Árvakr and Alsviðr* flee with the sun -
Sköll* hungrily pursues.
Two beauties protect as one;
Confusing the hungry wolf to the enclosure of the zoos.
But the pursuit of beauty is not easily confused;
Much like an ocean that floods a city.
The sun finally comes out bemused -
By all the havoc it caused because of an ignored bounty.
Insecurities and fears must be released;
Nature, beast and man must emerge as one -
Or the priests of time will find us all deceased,
Devoured by our own villains.



-L.J. Lenehan -

*In Norse mythology, Sköll (Old Norse “Treachery”)[1] is a wolf that chases the horses Árvakr and Alsviðr, that drag the chariot which contains the sun (Sól) through the sky every day, trying to eat her. *

"Tingling where feelings should be -
The road is long and twisted,
A Samurai sword is needed,
To clear the path,
It suffocates me,

-  L.J. Lenehan -

"I’ve said good bye a million times -
A million times you didn’t die.
Angels of mercy;
Doves of peace,
We suffer in silence.
Praying for miracles -
Knowing there are none.
Refusing compassion to one another.
A ray of sunshine,
The smell of lavender,
Cool breeze on the skin,
Morning birds chirp,
Beauty is in life."

-  L.J. Lenehan -