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I have found hope where there was none,
light where there was dark;
love when all was lost,
these are the stories of my soul...

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Sunday morning, 
Two days late, 
Because of Leap Year.

Ended differently,
Than last year,
Sunday morning, won’t come,

A jolt of electricity -
To the heart -

Now, Sunday mornings,
Are only a memory, 
Of shocking, 

Monday morning,

- L.J. Lenehan -


"I’ve said good bye a million times -
A million times you didn’t die.
Angels of mercy;
Doves of peace,
We suffer in silence.
Praying for miracles -
Knowing there are none.
Refusing compassion to one another.
A ray of sunshine,
The smell of lavender,
Cool breeze on the skin,
Morning birds chirp,
Beauty is in life."

-  L.J. Lenehan -